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FTIR spectrometer is a low cost Fourier transform infrared spectrometer that employs a number of unique features to achieve high performance from such a compact size. At just 385x265x160mm , it is one of the most compact FTIR systems on the market today.
The TEO200 is unique in terms of its optical geometry and software/firmware design. The optical geometry is simplified by employing a new and remarkably compact Michelson self compensating optical system that eliminates many of the optical alignment problems found in conventional linear and pendulum type optical interferometers. For example, the TEO200 design avoids the use of conventional corner cube optics and dynamic alignment. In practical terms, the instrument can be used inside a research laboratory, or even as a mobile unit in outside environments. Its software and firmware design is also tightly coordinated which significantly reduces overall data acquisition and computational time.
The sealed, desiccated enclosure of the TEO200 eliminates the need for continuous dry nitrogen purging during operation. Other notable features include an air cooled IR source as oppose to water cooled, and the interferometer mechanical bearing does not require gas supply. There are however, three dry nitrogen gas inlets on the rear of the spectrometer for the purging of the detector compartment, sample compartment, and interferometer compartment from moisture, carbon dioxide and other gases.

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