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Optical Table Tops provide the base on which precision optical and laser work is performed. Standard Honeycomb Tabletop consists of a 5 mm thick cold-rolled stainless ferromagnetic steel top skin, and 3-6 mm thick bottom skin, both bound under high pressure to a honeycomb core, using a special epoxy resin. Thickness of the skin depends on the dimensions of the table top. The side-walls of the table top are made of a special acoustically hollow plastic which damps acoustic vibrations and covered in a decorative black leather substitute.



- High density Honeycomb core structure

- Surface Roughness: 0.8-1.6μm

- Flatness/Unevenness: 0.02-0.05mm

- Inherent Frequency: 1.5-2Hz

- Amplitude: <1μm

- Mounting Holes: M6 tapped holes on 25mm grid. Hole to edge 12.5mm or 37.5mm.

- Top Skin: 5mm Bottom Skin: 4mm

- Material: Stainless Steel.



The support system (Isolators) adopts the patented technology: Ultra-thin diaphragm air-spring with self-collimating pendulum bar technique, which can provides a relative stationary experiments environment with auto inflating and self-centering performance. \

- Height: standard height 800mm or as user preferred.

- Self balancing with bulb self-centering pendulum-bar technique.

- Re-leveling Accuracy: ±0.250mm

- Vertical Isolation, 5Hz: 92%

- Horizontal Isolation, 5Hz: 90%

- Vertical Isolation, Res: 1Hz

- Vertical Isolation, 10Hz: 95%

- Horizontal Isolation, Res: 1-2Hz

- Auto air inflating system.


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